patricia kline

Meet Patricia

“There is absolutely no personal gain in this for me,” answers Patricia Kline.  “Running for office is not for the weak of heart.   For me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime to be a voice for so many of our citizens that thought they were left behind by their government.  I have a chance to make a real difference, to help others, to be the voice that you never thought you would have in Washington, D.C.”

Patricia “Pat” Kline’s story isn’t exactly textbook.  The more you get to know and love her the way so many others already do, you’ll find that nothing about Pat is textbook!

Pat runs for YOU. Pat runs to preserve individual rights, with an unabashed commitment to the rights of the unborn.

Pat will lead the way beyond the stagnant two-party representation in Congress. As an Independent/Unaffiliated, Pat will vote our values and in our best interests.


Patricia Kline For Congress